The Mythical 700 000 Search Engines

Written by Administrator on 16 February 2009.

There are a large number of seductive internet marketers who will promise to submit your website to over 700 000 search engines. It may be extremely alluring, but where is the catch? Surely if you could have your site submitted to such a large number of search engines for such a small price, everyone would do it? Why aren't the experienced internet marketers doing it?

They already know that there AREN'T 700 000 search engines in existence, and that these sites are simply "Free for All" money-making schemes, be it through spammers or underhand SEO service providers. Sure, you may have your link posted on the site for a few days, but it will only be there until it is pushed out of position by one of the hundreds of new sites that are submitted daily. Then, the email address that you used to sign up with is literally FLOODED with spam emails from any and every type of website you can think of! There have even been people who have had to terminate their email address due to the influx of spam emails they had received as a result of their submission to these FFA sites.

The truth of the matter is, there are really only four valuable search engines worth submitting your website to. These are,, and Apart from these sites, there may be only a handful of others that can be considered to be of good quality. The secret is that the best way to have your site shown up on search engines is not to submit it directly to them, but to have a lot of links all over the internet linking back to your site. If you submit articles containing links to your sites to article directories, the search engines will pick up your quality content, and your links. The more people are reading your content on the internet through your articles, the more links back you will have to your site. The good search engines will recognize this and will display your site amongst their first pages when people search for keywords relating to your site. Naturally you will need to target these keywords in your articles and the links you create in your articles.

What you can do to give your site exposure on the internet is to submit your site to directories. These directories are basically an online catalogue that list sites relating to many different categories. There are only a few hundred directory sites in the world that are worth submitting your site to. To see which directory sites are search engine friendly and therefore worth submitting to visit for more information.

Getting your site to perform well in the search engines takes a lot of work, preferably by an SEO expert. A personal interaction and assessment of the specific needs of your site should be discussed so that an SEO schedule can be worked out for your site. Depending on your current ranking in the good search engines, the best keywords relating to your site will be targeted. This can be through article marketing, directory submission and many other search engine optimization methods. SEO can be very labor intensive, depending on the needs of your site, and is not as simple as submitting your site to the mythical 700 000 search engines.

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