10 Strategies

Is Your Website Working For You?
Are You Getting A Positive ROI On Your Website?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above then you can rest assured that you are not alone - lots, if not the majority, of website owners are sitting in the same predicament.

But you CAN turn the situation around!


All that you need is my FREE guide -

10 Essential Strategies for Website Success!



In this e-book you will learn the secrets of why some websites make it, and some fail. And if you feel that your website is not so successul - what to do to turn it around.

Let's see what is included in the fast-read, no-fluff, filled to the brim with solid advice, book that you can download right now for free:

  • How to avoid making a basic, but costly mistake that will prevent the search engines from even bringing up your site (page 3) in the search engine results
  • Shortcuts to achieving a professional look and feel for your site - and what NOT to do to chase visitors away from your site inadvertently (page 5)
  • What type of website are you thinking of creating, or what type of website do you have already? If you said 'brochure website'  (or even 'I don't really know!') you might have to re-think your strategy. Why setting up a brochure website is a BAD idea.... and what to do if you already have one.... (page 12)
  • How do you actively market you services to visitors on your website? (page 13)
  • The one essential thing that you HAVE to do to get more traffic and do better in the search engines (page 18)
  • ...and the best way to do the second essential thing that you HAVE to do to get more traffic and do better in the search engines (page 21) 
  • Crash course in SEO - yes, everything that other people fit into hundreds of pages is condensed to just the most important pieces of information. DIY SEO for your website! (page 24)
  • What the secret is to converting even more visitors to customers - even after they have left your website (page 27)

If you are thinking of getting a website, or if you already have a website but are frustrated with the results that are being achieved with it (or shall we rather say, the lack of results?) then don't hesitate, grab your copy now for free - before I change my mind and start charging for this information!

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To your success!

Christine Anderssen
Owner - Tailormade4you Products and Services CC

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